Igor Sklyar

shader writer
pipeline TD

2008 – 2009 “Airplane” studio, Moscow Shader Writer, Lighter, R&D Engineer. The “Masha and bear” project. Development of render pipeline technology. Writing of shaders system for optimizing technological studio resources and scripts which automatize the project work. Design and writing of RenderMan shaders, slim templates. Support and development of render pipeline for Maya RenderMan. Maya MEL, RAT TCL, Python scripting for automation of processes and artist's tools. Technical setup, support and troubleshooting of shader networks. Fur setup, shading, lighting.
2010-2011 "First Row" studio, Tyumen. Shader Writer, R&D Engineer. Design and writing of RenderMan shaders, procedural primitive DSO. Development of render pipeline for Houdini RenderMan. Writing of auxiliary render scripts (Python, Hscript). Development of project file system and automatic system of geometry archiving. Design of extra Houdini SOHO and modification of existing Houdini SOHO. Development of custom Houdini DSO. Providing of technical setup, support and troubleshooting of lighting process. Problem solving for rendering and shading.