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PtFilter SOHO


Ptfilter soho - is a soho utility for implementing pixar's ptfilter executable utility in houdini render operators pipe. It supports photonmap, simplify, ssdiffusion, organize mode.

  • copy ptfilter's directory structure to your $HOUDINI_PATH directory
  • or houdini home directory $HIH
  • to adding custom SOHOparameters set HOUDINI_PATH as:
      then your custom SOHOparameters (PtFilter.ds) appear
      in "GearMenu"->"Edit Rendering Prameters"
  • your environment variable PATH must contain path to pixar's ptfilter utility:
      export PATH=$PATH:$RMANTREE/bin
Created: 2011-10-25 Updated: 2011-10-25

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25 Oct 2011