Igor Sklyar

shader writer
pipeline TD

Extended Disney "principled" Shader


Extended The Disney BRDF to a BSDF & BSSRDF for Mantra renderer. Supports layering and thin material

Based on papers:
Physically Based Shading at Disney. Brent Burley, Walt Disney Animation Studios. (2012)
Extending the Disney BRDF to a BSDF with Integrated Subsurface Scattering. Brent Burley, Walt Disney Animation Studios - 2015
Artist Friendly Metallic Fresnel. Ole Gulbrandsen (2014)
Approximate Reflectance Profiles for Efficient Subsurface Scattering. Per H. Christensen, Brent Burley (2015)
Optimized by implemented Distribution of Visible Normals for BRDF & BTDF:
Importance Sampling Microfacet-Based BSDFs with the Distribution of Visible Normals . Eric Heitz and Eugene d’Eon
19 May 2015