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Project Setup


Set of scripts which allow artist to setup simply new project or save scene in project context. Scripts automatically generate project structure and allow putting different Output images data and Technik temporary data such as point clouds, rib archives, shadow maps to different servers. If it is needed it is possible to separate Output Render Data to different servers Technik and Output(there sequences are placed). The output_server is defined in houdini_start script as an $OUTPUT environment variable.

It's easy to set up a new project by creating an appropriate project directory on the source_server, choosing it folder in houdini explorer and than saving your scene in Hips directory of Houdini sub directory of the project. Scripts automatically create all necessary Source sub directories and create in output_server appropriate output sub directories.

All output data are managed by python scripts.

For example if your project was set up as


and scene was saved to


the script utilpro.setRenderData_Path('shadows', 'Technik', True) puts shadow map files to the

output_server/myproject/Houdini/RenderData/Technik/ep01/ep01_sc01/shadows/ep01_sc01_preview directory

Or for archives the script could look like that utilpro.setRenderData_Path('archives', 'Technik', True)

There are several tools (which was written by me) which work in ProjectPro context such as: Delayed Read Archives , Level Of Details with DRA, Tools for setting up ROP nodes. ProjectPro cooperates with shading system based on REYES technology and point based Global Illumination (h_LightPro, h_ShaderPro, h_FurPro...).
22 Jun 2012