Igor Sklyar

shader writer
pipeline TD

Render Order


Scripts which allow artists to setup a necessary order of ROP nodes and send them to a farm or to a local render.

Artists don't need to worry about any project output paths and files such as shadows, point clouds, archives and sequences. All nodes are set up in appropriate way accordingly to their presets. And scripts (tools) apply that presets to appropriate render node in pipe.

In this video it is shown how to set up a local final rendering with indirect illumination (point based), how to set up remote rendering with all render nodes necessary for creating delayed rib archives, generating point clouds and final rendering and how to set up render order with separated indirect illumination and all necessary nodes.

In that video is demonstrated how to set up color bleeding calculation through pixar's ptfilter to point cloud and then read it in final pass.

The color bleeding calculation started in bake node after baking radiosity and is preformed by ptfilter pixar's utility which is also started from the same bake node (customized renderman soho). The result of that calculation is also point cloud. It can be read in final pass by h_LightPro light in indirect mode and filtered during the shading.

Photon Illumination and Caustic calculation. Tool which setup render of ROP nodes for photon calculation in appropriate order: Archives Setup (if they exist) --> Direct Illumination and Scattering coefficients bake --> Photon and Caustic Emission --> Photon Filter --> Resamling of Radiosity --> Final Color Bleeding --> Cleanup >>> Send to Render Manager. All appropriate point clouds (radiosity and caustic) also are sourced from "h_LightPro"
24 Jun 2012