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Delayed Read Archive Setup


Sets of scripts for setting up Delayed Read Archives (DRA). Scripts work in ProjectPro context and generate archives in appropriate directory using script utilpro.setRenderData_Path('archives', 'Technik', True)

Work consists from several parts:

Preparing geometry for archiving by defining it as Animation and Static geometry. This allows dividing archive generation on Per Job (for Static geometry) and Per Frame (for Animation geometry). For setting it up it is used tools Anim Arch and Static Arch

Setting up ROP Archivator (ribarchive or ifdrchive) - all geometry which was set up as archive will be found automatically and added to ribarchive or ifdarchive with an appropriate project paths.


It works with locked Digital Assets, sets them up recursively and creates main controlling parameters on the top of the Asset.

The name of archive is formatted from the scene path of the geo. For example if geo node has path /obj/grid_object1 it will be converted to name obj_grid_object1.rib

It is possible to setup geometry with PROXY geometry inside sop context and display in viewport Original or Proxy geo.

24 Jun 2012